Sunday, August 28, 2011

A Brief Anecdote

A long time ago, I was a brighter-than-average student at Saint Aloysius Catholic grade school. At this time of this story, I might have been in the 3rd Grade.

Our teacher tried to instruct the class on the difference between facts and opinions. A simple concept, I know, and one that we lean on daily, but our class ran into difficulty. The rest of the students didn't agree that facts could be false - a false fact (they felt) was an opinion.

This disagreement ran into a 15 minute discussion and was eventually tabled by the teacher. The rest of the class, rather sullenly I thought, agreed that 'wrong facts' could exist.

I could tell, however, they many of them didn't buy it - they thought that if something was right, then it was a fact - and truth.

I think that, perhaps, this is where my Republican friends have gone wrong. I think they are little children who could not tell the difference between facts and opinions and, now that they are grown, are armored in the steadfast righteousness of their ignorance.

Apparently sincerity trumps accuracy.

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